How to Create and Sell an NFT, the easy way!

Have you ever wanted to make your own NFT but thought it might be too complicated, or didn't know how?

Making your own NFT is a very simple and fast process, you don't need any cryptocurrency experience, you don't even need to own any cryptocurrency!

In this article, we will walk you through the fast and easy process of creating and selling your very own NFT!

Open Coincast

To create and sell NFTs you need software that will allow you to interface with the Ethereum blockchain.

The absolute easiest software for this, which requires zero experience, is Coincast. You can get it free on the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.

Enter the Metagallery

Inside Coincast you will find Metagallery, this is a virtual gallery hosting NFTs. In the Metagallery you can create NFTs, sell NFTs, browse NFTs, buy NFTs, trade NFTs, and more!

This is where you will want to launch your first NFT. To get to the Metagallery, simply open Coincast, navigate to the 'Web3' section, and from there you can enter the Metagallery.

Make an NFT

Once you're in the Metagallery, making an NFT is as simple as tapping a button!

Tap "Make an NFT" and simply select a photo, give it a name, and set your sell price! We recommend charging at least $500 USD for an NFT.

Now just tap 'Publish'. You don't even need to own cryptocurrency to publish your NFT to the blockchain, you can pay Metagallery's publication fee via Venmo or Paypal and Coincast will interact with the Ethereum blockchain on your behalf so you don't have to deal with any of the complicated technical blockchain stuff!

Sell your NFT

Now that your NFT is published on the Ethereum blockchain, you are ready to start selling it!

On your NFT listing page, there is a 'Share' button, tap that and you will be given a URL that links to your NFT's "for sale" page. Share this on your social medias and find someone who is interested in owning your work!

Your artwork is also automatically featured, for free, in the Metgallery under the 'browse' section, so you just might find a buyer there as well, if someone sees and likes your artwork! Good luck and have fun!

Download Coincast